Republican Changes In Loudoun

Steve’s Leesburg Blog

A lot has been going on in the Loudoun County Republican Committee since the nearly swept out the door debacle on November 6 of last year. Democrats nearly cleaned out the long time Republican dominance over the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. That election and Democratic victories in other races provided evidence, once a Republican stronghold was now becoming a Democratic enclave.

The Republican Committee elected Glen A. Caroline as Chairman, after he was heard to say “If I was going to lament the status of our Republican Party and its lack of leadership, I decided it was better to step into the breach and put my money where my mouth was.” On March 15, Republicans formally selected Caroline, the only candidate for the post as chairman.

Caroline, a father of two, and community organizer from South Riding rose to chairman on a promise to unite a party with broad base differences on some important issues, mostly dealing with growth and development. In recent years, opponents of strict government controls have led the party, but more recently certain factions envisioning higher taxes and no support for slower growth have left the party. Caroline wants to find a common ground for the two factions, and therefore focus the party on core Republican values such as low taxes, strong national defense and a belief in “the rule of law.”      

The new Caroline message has caused some previously estranged Republicans to return to the fold. Lovettsville resident and former board member H. Dean Settle, a vocal critic of the committee’s previous leadership, and one who left the party rejoined  this spring in the hopes that Caroline will make good on his pledge.

Steve’s Comments:

Although the big sweep is in for now, the powerful factors that brought about the interests problems in the past are still there. For any worthwhile compromises to take place, some members are going to have to yield from there long held positions. The new leader will need the wisdom of a great facilitator to demonstrate any progress in the next one or two years. This is a tough road to hoe. We should all try to help in any way possible. The future of our younger county residents depends on well balanced changes.


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